The library of the Office of Notary Giuseppe Giordano is one of the most supplied Italian professional libraries. His original plant dates back to the seventies and is to be ascribed to the inexhaustible passion of Dr. Alfonso Jordan, Magistrate of the Court of Auditors, who took care in a special way of the contents relating to administrative law and urban planning. With the foundation of the Office, the Library has  received new impetus and over the years has been enriched by a growing number of works.
Today the Library boasts a catalogue that, excluding the magazine section, has more than 2,100 titles, selected from Italian and foreigner, private and commercial law, European and international private law, administrative law and tax.

The cataloguing of the volumes, which is being completed, is made on the basis of the Dewey Decimal Classification 22 ed. Dewey decimal classification.
In order to ensure promptness in the management of research and unique identification of each volume, the relative

schedule shows the ISBN code too thirteen digits. Please refer to the national library service for any further information on the topic.

The Library is divided into two sections:

·         Studies and monographs
that collects monographs, edited studies, treaties, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopaedias;

·         Periodicals
that includes the most prestigious Italian magazines in the field of private, commercial and notarial law.

Some of the bibliographic information of the general catalogue are accessible through the consultation of our On line catalogue. The Library is not open to the public and consultation of the volumes is exclusively reserved to persons who are accredited for this purpose to the Office; the accreditation may be requested by completing the relevant form.



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