The Office

Our Office, founded in 1986, specialises in corporate and industrial law, in the design and realisation of capital strategies for the purpose of asset protection or generational transfer of the company.


Over time, we have gained consolidated and prestigious experience in the areas of M&A, project financing, real estate, trusts and foundations, closed-end real estate funds, debt restructuring and related security packages, energy, listed companies and financial markets.

Some of the operations in which we have participated are available in the Office Brochure

Integrated Assistance

In pursuing the goal of providing our customers a full and integrated service, our Office, in addition to the notarial institutional activities, carries out consultancy activities and legal advice, leads, relatively to the legal issues, due diligence investigations, provides company secretary services.


The well-established professional relationships with multinational groups and structured companies have allowed us to fully understand the importance of the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information taken today in business processes. To meet this need we have designed and developed a system of communication that we are proud to provide among the services offered by the Office. By registering to the secure area of the site, our customers, their legal secretaries and their professionals of trust will be able to access via the Web the databases and digital archives of the Office to see the status of the practice, the progress of the requirements, download documents and authentic electronic copies. The flow of information and communication channels are protected in accordance with the most rigorous standards of security policy and privacy.

 Culture and Update

One of the strengths of our Office is scientific research, continuous professional update, the particular attention to culture in the richness of the kaleidoscopic of its manifestations. For this we have made an online catalogue of our library open to customers, professionals, researchers, students, made available, in the miscellaneous section, conference reports, studies, documentation, and in the Updates section novelties regarding notarial material. For this we publish cultural, artistic, social events supported or promoted by the Office, certain that our visitors will be able grasp the real meaning.

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